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Forest and Beach Rides

There is some stunning riding available all across Anglesey. We are so lucky to having such wonderful Forest and Beach Rides so close. Here are a few details:

Newborough Forest and Beach Ride

A permit is required for the forest and beach ride which is £4.00 per horse for a week and can be obtained from

With your permit, you also receive an A4 map in colour and an A5 laminated version.

A permit can also be obtained from the Post Office in Newborough.

There is a special car park for horse boxes and trailers so you can drive straight in and out without having to reverse. There is a coral to tie your horse in for tacking up but as at April 2014 is in need of repair.

You ride through the forest tracks and trails and then if you wish, you can ride onto the beach.

Time to Destination: 40 minutes by lorry or trailer.

Length of Ride: Allow 2-3 hours but can be whatever you want of course.

Typical Distance of Ride: 8 mile

Designated Routes for Horses: Yes through the forest.

Notes: To take advantage of the beautiful beach, ride at low tide. The beach and main forest routes to the beach can get busy but there are still plenty of opportunities for great riding using the trails off the main routes. Use Llanddwyn Island as the reference for the tides from the tide timetables

Degree of Horse Fitness:: Average but you can make it a hard as you like, especially on the beach.


Red Wharf Bay Beach Ride

There is a car park suitable for horse boxes and trailers at the far end of Llanddona Beach.

Time to Destination: 45 minutes hacking or 15 minutes by lorry or trailer.

Length of Ride: 3 hours

Typical Distance of Ride: 12 miles (if Hacking and going to The Ship Inn)

Designated Routes for Horses: No but stick to the sea line at low tide to avoid mud near to Red Wharf Bay.

Notes: If you hack to the beach it may take a bit of steam out of your horse. To take advantage of the beautiful beach, ride at low tide as the sea goes out a long way. The sand is harder towards the sea and it is a great place to take your horse into the sea. Ride over to the Ship Inn at Red Wharf and enjoy a drink before heading home. You need to be reaching the Ship Inn half an hour either side of low tide as the river in front of the ship is at its lowest level then.
Use Molfre as the reference for the tides from the tide tables

Degree of Horse Fitness: High if hacking to the beach as there is a seriously long steep 1 in 4 hill which you encounter on the way there and on the way back. Average if you transport the horse there and back and are just doing the beach ride.


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